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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property is a multi-purpose loan which is disbursed or given against a property and can be used for your business or personal needs. The loan is given at a certain percentage of market value of the property, mostly around 75% – 90%. Loan against property (LAP) enables you to use your residential, commercial or alternate property to fund your business, child’s education or any financial need for that matter.

Why LAP?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Since a property is kept as security the rates of interest are relatively low.
  • And since a property is kept as security, it becomes a secured loan.
  • Since it is a secured loan the repayment tenure is comparatively longer than any other loan.
  • The EMIs in case of LAP are lower than other types of loans.

Benefits of Loan Against Property

Flexible Range of Loan Amount
Varied Tenure Range
Smooth Repayment Facilities
Quick & Easy Processing
Interest Rates Options
Safe & Secured Collaterals

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